Record Review: Train – Save Me, San Francisco

Train is an Alternative/Pop rock band from San Francisco, California that formed back in 1994.  The band first found massive success in 2001 with the song “Drops Of Jupiter” from the album of the same name.  Their sound has always fit well in the company of bands like Matchbox Twenty and The Fray.  They have always had an knack for creating great songs with a catchy hook, like in songs such as “Meet Virginia” and “Calling All Angels”.

Train’s latest record Save Me, San Francisco has a much m0re streamline sound, as shown by the focus of the remaining members of the band.  The band regrouped as just a trio for this album– filling in other instrumentation with outside sources.  The band definitley came back with much determination after their hiatus back in 2006.  This is the band’s fifth album to date and in my opinion the strongest.  I think that with this album they finally found their best combination of sound and emotion.  There are quite a few songs about love on this record (in both good and bad light), which shows the range of emotion that went into the writing of this record.

Initially, I was very much in love with the single “Hey, Soul Sister” as my previous post shows, but as I continued to listen to the record one song rose even above that: Track 4, “Parachute”. It’s a beautiful song about going the distance for the one you love and doing whatever it takes to keep it together through better or worse. The lyric I liked most in this song was in the chorus.  “I’ll open up and be your parachute, and I’ll never let you down, so open up and be my human angel, and we’ll only hit the ground, running.”

I simply love this album.  Every time I listen to Save Me, San Francisco the songs send me through a plethora of emotions and it is a truly euphoric experience.  Train delivers a fantastic joy ride of ups and downs, some songs with beauty and simplicity and others with heavy beats and rocking guitar solos.  This is definitely a shining jewel of music you don’t want to miss out on.  The point is, if you like to feel anything you will love this album.

For more info on Train find it here.

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