Song Shots: “It’s Raining Dicks” by Afterbirth Monkey (feat. Schaffer the Darklord)

This Song Shot is a little different from previous ones for one major reason: I’m in it! The video, that is. The hilarious Afterbirth Monkey has put together a music video for their “After-Bro” anthem called, “It’s Raining Dicks.” The song can be found on their full-length release, Man Dies Defecating a Drinking Game, available on iTunes.

I had a blast at the video shoot, posing as a “boner-zombie” while chasing Charles and Mark all over New York. As per the efficiency of the video’s director, the incredible Eric T. Ford, all the scenes I was featured in were filmed within one day. I also quite enjoyed that though Schaffer the Darklord is featured in the song, he is nowhere to be found in the video as he is instead replaced by his evil puppet twin, Schaffer the Puppet. As for the song itself, it is dominantly a Hip-Hop diddy. The verses are rapped by Schaffer and Charles, combining both skill and flair, while the choruses are sung beautifully by Mark.

Many thanks to the other “boner-zombies” I got to swarm with, as well as to Charles and Mark for letting me be a part of this.

I’ll diddle it a little in the middle of the set / You piddle while I fiddle kiddle now the stage is wet / It’s like that ya’ll, It’s like that ya’ll / They want to do us in the bathroom stall.

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