Song Shots: Matchbox Twenty – She’s So Mean

“Every now and then, she makes you just a little bit crazy, She’ll turn a knife into your back and then she’s calling you baby, crazy”

The boys of Matchbox Twenty have done it again. “She’s So Mean” is the first single from their new album North due out in September. The formula for a great Matchbox Twenty song is here. Catchy riffs and playfully painful lyrics sprinkled with a bouncy drum line. It’s definitely clear the Rob Thomas’ solo experience and sound has some influence here and that’s a great thing. Anyone who has ever been strung along by a cruel but hot woman now there is an anthem for you too. These guys are one of my favorite bands and I’m incredibly excited for the new record.  I look forward to talking about the new album on my podcast come September. Haven’t heard the podcast yet? Check out the newest episode here.



The band just released the non lyric video today so check that out too

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