Wizard Rock Roundup: Harry and the Potters

Wizard Rock is a term meant to encompass not necessarily a genre of sound, but rather a genre of content. It is a genre dedicated to the love and world of Harry Potter. Some readers may be familiar with this concept thanks to Blind Guardian and their thematic music, ranging from Lord of the Rings to The Forgotten Realms, and others. The thing with WRock (as it is shortened to) is that no matter your musical preference, if you have affection for Harry Potter then there is a WRock band out there for you. Whether you desire light, jangly acoustic or dance-inducing hip hop, WRock has you covered.

I would be remiss if I were to start anywhere but with the obvious: Harry and the Potters. They are one of the forerunners of the WRock genre. Performing for over ten years, Harry Potter (Joe DeGeorge) and Harry Potter (Paul DeGorge) have toured the country countless times, had their own battles to keep doing what they love, and had a hand in inspiring a generation. As for their music, they are not exactly the pinnacle of musical genius. Their songs are often short and usually just okay. However, the lyrics make up for the mediocrity of the melodies. Their lyrics are designed to tug on your love for the scarred boy that stumbles into misfortune time and again.

Their live shows, on the other hand, dispel all concerns about their musical talent. Their energy is infectious, their humor is kind, and they are filled with love for all of their fans, for Harry Potter, and for magic. It is too hard to not love them back. While there are some songs that I find grating to the senses, there are far more that make me smile with fondness. I will never pass up a chance to see them live because afterwards I will be full of joy.

My favorite songs are: “Save Ginny Weasley”, “Save Ginny Weasley From Dean Thomas”, “Felix Felicis”, and “We Save Ron’s Life, Part 8”.

My least favorite album is: In the Cupboard.

Harry and the Potters will be playing at The Knitting Factory on August 15th at 6:00 PM! Cover is $12. If you want to meet me and Matt Storm, come on out! Come in costume and we’ll share pictures on the Crash Chords FaceBook! More information on Harry and the Potters can be found here.

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