Ep. #1 – Feat. Mark Young of Hed PE and Spider One of Powerman 5000

Welcome to the first edition of Crash Chords: Autographs, hosted by Matt Storm. This brand new series takes the “analysis” portion of our primary podcast (CCP) and aims it squarely at the guests, i.e. an “artist’s analysis”. No, this isn’t therapy, it’s a loose and informal interview format that releases guests from the constraints of self-promotion or a dedicated album, and opens the door to… anything their heart desires. This week, we begin with a double feature. Join Matt and Mawk (Mark Young) of Hed PE for the first half, and then Matt and Spider One of Powerman 5000 for the final lap. Both artists are on tour together this August, and both have released brand new albums. So be sure to check out Evolution and Builders of the Future, and of course, the latest content from Crash Chords.

Next interview:
w/ Tribe One

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