Ep. #47 – Feat. Austin Aeschliman of Smashy Claw

Today, Matt welcomes Austin Aeschliman of Smashy Claw, an experimental rock duo from Longmont, Colorado consisting of guitarist Austin and keyboardist Nathan Long. A veritable engine for new ideas, Smashy Claw is currently engaged in a year-long project to release a new song every week, each accompanied by a brand new YouTube video. Presented for general entertainment (and to spur public interest in the group), these songs are currently compiled into Smashy Claw’s newest record, Claw Machine. With Matt, Austin discusses the band’s name & its inception, his early influences and what spurred him to start writing, as well as the band’s writing process. Also touching upon the band’s primary sources of inspiration, Austin discusses plans for the future of Smashy Claw and their involvement with The FuMP, of which former Autographs guest Insane Ian is also a member. Filled with macabre imagery, surrealist overtones, and brought to life by its talented animators, Smashy Claw’s YouTube channel won’t disappoint. So go ahead, check it out, and support the project.

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