Ep. #54 – An Evening with Stormageddon

This week marks a special episode of the series with your host, Matt, forgoing his usual interview to get candid & cozy with you—yes, YOU—the listener. Sit back as he gently inundates you with a barrage of events, updates, media recommendations, and some words of wisdom. In the way of events, he pitches some upcoming shows where he’ll be DJing and stage managing as Stormageddon. Listeners can also enjoy a brief rant on what should be the values of all artists—nay, persons alike, those being the tenets of professionalism & integrity. Then, prepare yourself as Matt bombards you with a series of updates, name-drops, & recommendations: from podcasts to movies, music, games, and theater. He discusses the ‘art of the playlist’ and invites listeners to check out some of his favorite compilations (all of which can be found on his Spotify page). With some final thoughts on a prospective Q&A series that caters to listeners of the series and lovers of music, here’s presenting Matt Storm (a.k.a. Stormageddon).

Photo of Stormageddon by David L. Byrd

Logo by Joey Ammons

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