CCP Ep. #107: The Once by The Once | Featuring Molly Herbert-Wilson

Today we’re joined by an especially talented folk singer and member of The Waysties, Molly Herbert-Wilson. Kicking us off with a performance, she then takes us into her album pick, The Once by The Once. This self-titled debut is a varied medley of folk tracks that Molly admits contributed to her own personal folk tradition… As such, we then cut to Matt Storm’s “away” interview with Molly where he gets the chance to dive into those career origins a little further. And keep your ears open for more performances throughout!

Next week’s review:
They Want My Soul by Spoon

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  1. Matt, Canadian folk is my jam! Some Canadian folk that you guys need to check out before the The Once is Stan Rogers. He was THE guy for Canadian maritime folk music. It was his version of Maid on the Shore that was the inspiration for the version The Once did.

    Also check out The Wailin’ Jenny’s for beautiful 3 part harmonies. They tend more to bluegrass and gospel than maritime folk, but its all still there. Also great are Madison Violet and Chic Gamine. I firmly believe that Canada has the best folk music in the world right now.

    Also, when you guys were calling songs 3/4, they’re more accurately 6/8 since the melodic phrasing lands on every other group of 3.

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