CCP Ep. #178: The Vice Quadrant by Steam Powered Giraffe

Yup… we’re back to Steam Powered Giraffe. And it’s a special double disc day! The Vice Quadrant, the fourth installment of the steampunk / “broadway”-esque act (chronicling the adventures of three antique malfunctioning musical robots) was released September 2015, and, as promised in their previous release MK III, they’re in spaaaace! Although today marks a rare third visit to an artist for us (after episodes 39 & 72), the “space” sales pitch was simply too tempting to resist. We will, however, bite the hook on one count: being a double disc, an unstreamable album, and an extra long episode, this one’s likely just for the SPG fans. If you count yourself in that crowd—but still have a critical ear—then join us in this hefty analysis and share your thoughts below! Hopefully our ‘Disc Two’ “bookmark” at 1:23:30 will help manage your time.

Next week’s review:
The Great Unknown by Rob Thomas

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