CCP Ep. #88: Rival Factions by Project 86 | Featuring Suzanne Pike of The Barbaric Yawps

You all know Suzanne Pike from The Barbaric Yawps… well now you’ll know her as a bona fide CCP guest! Yes, we’re honored to have the famed Indi icon on the podcast, not only for an interview, but also to provide us with this week’s album review. Spurring another genre-first for Crash Chords, she has us examine the 2007 album Rival Factions by the Christian hardcore rock band, Project 86. After unpacking this issue-straddling album, we of course question Suzanne about her rise to fame. And, if you stick around, there’s a chance you’ll receive a treat performance — a good chance.

Next week’s review:
G I R L by Pharrell Williams

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