Record Review: Relient K – Forget And Not Slow Down

Relient K is a Christian rock band that started showing up on the radar in the late 90’s.   The band has a sound that continues to evolve with every new album.  They resemble the sound of most emo/new punk bands that are around but the one major difference is the uplifting sound and lyrics of their songs, even if the message behind it is a depressing subject. They always try and put a positive twist on it.

Their newest record Forget And Not Slow Down is no exception to this.  This is the band’s 7th studio album and their best to date.  This album definitely reflects a more mature soundtrack but with still the same Relient K flair.  The band also takes a strange but fantastic turn with this album.  Most artist have intros and outros to their songs that are usually included within the songs; Relient K, however, decided to take this and make them individual tracks on the album. They blend so well with the songs they’re attached to, you can barely tell they are separate tracks unless you’re staring at your Ipod or CD player.   This album has a wonderful mix of tempo changes that is never boring and always enjoyable.

My personal favorite song on the album is track 3: “Candlelight”.  It’s a wonderfully touching declaration to the brightest and most  important  person in ones life.  I’m sucker for a cute love song and this one fits the bill.  My favorite lyric in the song is “She’s like an ancient artifact, Something you’re lucky to have found, She’ll pinch the nerves in all the necks, When she turns those heads around, Those heads around…" If you have someone in you life that you care about with every ounce of your being (like I do) this song is very quick and easy to identify with.

All in all, Forget And Not Slow Down gets the Crash Chords stamp of approval. I don’t believe in arbitrary rating systems like stars or percentages because people read too much into them and disregard the actual review. I say it’s definitely worth buying especially if you have loved their work in the past.

Check out the band here and Matthew Thiessen’s twitter is here.

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