Song Shots: Robbie Williams – Candy

“Hey ho here she goes, Either a little too high or a little too low, Got no self-esteem and vertigo, Cause she thinks she’s made of candy”

“Candy” is the brand new single from Robbie Williams’ upcoming album Take the Crown.  After the very first viewing I fell in love with this song and video. I defy you to not start tapping you feet in the first 10 seconds. This man is truly a great Pop song writer—proper Pop music that actually requires some talent and skill. The video is entertaining showing Robbie with a halo, getting repeatedly beaten up or injured in some way, while trying to follow a girl. The song has a wonderfully catchy beat along with charming lyrics, and the layering and production of this track make it a pleasure to listen to. Danceable and enjoyable, I definitely recommend giving it a listen.

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