Ep. #15 – Feat. ShyBoy

Matt is invited behind the DJ booth for this exclusive interview with the singer-songwriter, producer, and DJ/mashup artist, meekly known as ShyBoy. Once a member of the band Hypnogaja, ShyBoy discusses the band’s dissolution but reaffirms a working relationship with its members. His solo work, however, has taken flight with two LPs, Lost In Space and Water on Mars, not to mention his newest EP, Daisy Pusher. Solo work aside, his career is complemented by a recent residency at the club, Bootie, at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, which he discusses alongside his fondness for making mashups. Fielding a vast array of musical tastes (and an ode to Donna Summer), ShyBoy leaves time for a chat on Sci-fi and comic books for his & Matt’s “spinning” dialogue.

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