CCP Ep. #160: Emergence by Godsticks

The day has arrived! After 109 episodes, we are finally returning to the band that once delivered us the highest rated album of the podcast’s history. Ever since Episode #51, when we saw Godsticks break the mold with The Envisage Conundrum, we’ve been waiting to put their third studio release, Emergence, to the test. Biases notwithstanding, today we’re freezing the fanfare for an objective analysis of what this newly-released and highly acclaimed work has to offer. (Needless to say, if you haven’t yet heard of Godsticks, we’re determined to fix that.) And then, at last, for our topic, we address the elephant in the room: what’s a critic to do when they’re being watched? While many artists are resigned to the fact that all eyes are on their work, a critic’s corner is more ancillary. Looking briefly at the publicist–critic relationship, how can critics keep their real opinions separate from the “business” of it all? More to the point, should they?

Next week’s review:
Beat the Champ by The Mountain Goats
Guest: Anja Keister

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